Blasts in Masjid!!!!

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Bomb blast in Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad killed about 5 individuals and injured quite a few. Its painful to even think of those whose lives change due to loss of their loved ones to this act of terrorism.

We have always been the victims of such violence. Here the word "we" included mainly those who live in Northern and North eastern parts of the country. But now, it includes the rest of the country as well. We usually tend to associate terrorism to Kashmir, Assam, or Kabul. The news of a Professors murder at IISc shattered such thoughts. We know that this part of the country is not immune to terrorism afterall.

While we recognize that this was indeed a deadly blow to nation, we must realize that we were fortunate (at least to some extent). Its traumatizing to even imagine the kind of disaster that one would have occurred had the two other bombs, recovered from the site exploded too.

The intention of the group that is behind this act is quite clear. To create communal tensions in the city... This I believe is unlikely. But not impossible. Stone pelting that followed the blasts suggests that religious sentiments are powerful enough to blind people of their sense.

Another possible reason is to derail economic growth of the country.

If these were the real intentions, how are we going to handle such attacks. Or rather possible attacks...

Are our governments competent enough to take on these tech savvy terrorists? Or are our politicians too busy relocating statues, transferring officers, distributing 'post-election bribes' and fighting in the assembly over issues that concern nobody????????

While our rulers provide little help atleast we should try to protect ourselves... But Are we prepared to take on these groups?? Are we ready to strengthen ourselves? Are we willing to prevent others from exploiting our sentiments??? Are we ready to give up our differences and stand united????

The only answer that I can think of for all these questions is "NO".

We are reluctant to forget our caste, religion, community and others ... for the sake of peace in the country, in the world.

As long as we remain susceptible to attacks, we will never cease to be victims of such acts!!!!