Canine Carnage

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Streets and dogs have become inseparable.

The street dogs, from cute little pups to to the most threateningly big dogs, are a part of any Indian city.... just like you and me. These creatures form an integral part of our everyday life for it is impossible to imagine the streets without street dogs.

Most of the kids playing cricket on the streets, experience an irresistible urge to throw stones at street dogs. This urge is induced by the mere site of these creatures. For them, this is an act of amusement.For the grown ups, these urban beasts are nothing more than nuisance. For some, these are a menace.

Living in a society where one finds it difficult to identify his neighbour as a fellow human being, it is not possible to expect everyone to view these animals with compassion. While we continuously harrass these dogs either deliberately or otherwise, we find it extremely diffcult to tolerate any reaction from their side.

We have always looked down upon these creatures with contempt, and disgust. Now, we have gone a little too far.

Attacks by street dogs on a few human children in the past few days evoked quick response from the government. The same government that takes years to resolve any life-saving matter has swiftly acted to kill thousands. Since it is the dogs which are at the receiving end, nobody cares. Many even appreciate the move.

Survival is the ultimate goal for all of us. It is dangerous to let rabid dogs to live in the streets. It is indeed a threat to our children. But, does this justify the merciless carnage of thousands of street dogs?

Is there no other solution to this problem?

Apparently, there are!! So many ways by which we can make the streets safe for both our children and these unfortunate city-dwellers. The government though has chosen to ignore them for the sight of a thousand canine cadavers pleases a few.

Blasts in Masjid!!!!

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Bomb blast in Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad killed about 5 individuals and injured quite a few. Its painful to even think of those whose lives change due to loss of their loved ones to this act of terrorism.

We have always been the victims of such violence. Here the word "we" included mainly those who live in Northern and North eastern parts of the country. But now, it includes the rest of the country as well. We usually tend to associate terrorism to Kashmir, Assam, or Kabul. The news of a Professors murder at IISc shattered such thoughts. We know that this part of the country is not immune to terrorism afterall.

While we recognize that this was indeed a deadly blow to nation, we must realize that we were fortunate (at least to some extent). Its traumatizing to even imagine the kind of disaster that one would have occurred had the two other bombs, recovered from the site exploded too.

The intention of the group that is behind this act is quite clear. To create communal tensions in the city... This I believe is unlikely. But not impossible. Stone pelting that followed the blasts suggests that religious sentiments are powerful enough to blind people of their sense.

Another possible reason is to derail economic growth of the country.

If these were the real intentions, how are we going to handle such attacks. Or rather possible attacks...

Are our governments competent enough to take on these tech savvy terrorists? Or are our politicians too busy relocating statues, transferring officers, distributing 'post-election bribes' and fighting in the assembly over issues that concern nobody????????

While our rulers provide little help atleast we should try to protect ourselves... But Are we prepared to take on these groups?? Are we ready to strengthen ourselves? Are we willing to prevent others from exploiting our sentiments??? Are we ready to give up our differences and stand united????

The only answer that I can think of for all these questions is "NO".

We are reluctant to forget our caste, religion, community and others ... for the sake of peace in the country, in the world.

As long as we remain susceptible to attacks, we will never cease to be victims of such acts!!!!

My Reservations about Reservations

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The issue of reservation has touched every student aspiring to continue his/her higher studies in India. This is one issue where the student community is clearly divided. I find myself among those who oppose the recent move by the government to impose reservations in IIMs, IITs, and other higher education institutions. Studying in the university that follows 69% reservation policy (Or, so I believe), it may sound strange. Reality is that, this reservation is not doing any good to the university and I have no reason to believe this policy is going to do any good to the country.

Why do I not share the optimism of our well-experienced politicians??? To put it simply, the objective is lost. Rationale behind this policy is to give equal opportunity to people. This will never be realized. Instead, it will only strengthen the caste-community divide in the society. This, I believe, is what fascinates our rulers. How difficult is it to imagine India without castes? Definition of an election manifesto has to be rewritten if Caste system were to disappear from our society.

The purpose behind introducing this system is to ensure that all communities get equal opportunities. The communities that were unreasonably suppressed manage to find their just place in the society. But, with the introduction of this system, there will be little or no improvements towards this objective.

Lets us imagine this gets implemented (I’m quite sure our sincere legislators will find some ways to implement this policy!). Do you think those talented young men and women from remote villages will find their way to IITs and IIMs? That’s not going to happen because they had never gone to the nearest school, let alone IITs. Those who do find their way to the institute are those who were rich enough to spend thousands or lakhs on CAT and JEE coaching; those who have been brought up in cities in the past 20 years or so experiencing no social discrimination comparable to what people of his/her community (the one you find in his/her certificates, whether its true or not… that’s something one can never dispute for our bureaucrats do better job when bribed!) had experienced until a couple of decades back. It is these people who find this very useful.

I believe this will in no way change the plight of millions of individuals still struggling with discrimination. Nor, will this bridge the caste divide. On the contrary, it will only lead to the real talents of people from these communities being questioned. Such doubts are probably the worst form of backwardness that one can experience. Also, it will strengthen the thought that people from certain communities get unfair advantage. Interestingly, this perception will tend to remain on both sides of the divide to equal extent.

When a policy is going to serve no good to the society, there is no reason why this system should be implemented. Unless of course this benefits our patriotic politicians.

This is my argument against the policy.

You agree or disagree? I Would like to hear your opinions…

first blog here!

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Hey! Are you thinking, ‘Now, what’s with this new blog?’

Well then, here you go.... this is to provide myself a platform to express my views on social issues - issues that interest me; issues that I can relate to; issues that affect those like me. Well, an issue, that satisfies all the above conditions will be fewer in number. This means you will not find me posting more here.

Being just another citizen of this world, my opinions may not be very significant. But, it’s bound to differ from the popular views in more cases. I attribute this to my tendency to stay away from the crowd, to stand out.

This is my attempt to let my whispers be heard by people around the world. So, anybody out there………..